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Bayern Munich pay cut for Sane?

According to a recent report from Bild, Manchester City star Leroy Sane has been informed that he needs to take a pay cut in order to join Bayern Munich.

The German champions have been going after Sane for way over a year now, with his injury at the start of the campaign ensuring that Sane would remain at Etihad for this season by default.

Sane’s potential is there for all to see, but whether or not he can showcase that in the Bundesliga remains to be seen. City have great squad depth but they’ll be well aware of the fact that Sane is a serious commodity, and if they allow him to slip through their fingers, it could come back to haunt them.

Either way, both parties must first get over the obstacle that is the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming summer transfer window before trying to get anything over the finish line.

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